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we had a ballroom dancing social the other day & from that 2 problems have erupted.. 1) my best guy friend who i have a mega crush on had a crush on me but is now dating my girl-friend and its really awkward between us all now and im pretty jealous.. 2) ever since then i have realised how overweight i am and i dont know what to do because all my friends complain that they are really fat but theyre like half my size and yeah.. sorry to bother you love, you dont have to reply if you dont want :P x

Of course I’ll reply! Sorry, I replied late, though :( I have to try to check my messages more often! 

Hm, I see how this situation is difficult. Although you’re feeling jealous, don’t do anything to your friends and have them break up. Let them do their thing, even if it hurts you a bit. Consider the thoughts and feelings of your girl-friend! 

As for your weight, if you’re feeling insecure try to remind yourself of things you like about yourself. If you want to lose weight, just do little excersises here and there, even if you do sit ups while watching TV, or run up and down the stairs it could make a difference! It’ll also give you that little boost of confidence. Don’t compare yourself to your friends, though. We all come in different shapes and sizes! 

Hope I helped, xo

keep your hopes up:)

i’m getting off now but you guys can leave messages :) I’ll be back on later or tomorrow x

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hey, so. uhh, i kinda recently started cutting. i know people say dont start bla bla, but its already addictive. i have pets with sharp claws that i can say scratched me for excuses. but i think i need to stop. its getting slightly out of hand. the feeling when i cut is what has me hooked. but i cut so bad earlier that it took over 1 hour to stop bleeding and i felt so light headed, i thought i was done for. heres another i dont want to die. well part of me does but cutting helps me to live?help

What you should do is find something you like to do, a hobby or activity that keeps you busy. If you like art, draw or paint when things are getting hard. If you like sports, go out and play them. Go out with friends, or do things with your family. Sometimes singing or writing can even help. Listen to music, find things that inspire you. What I really, really want you to do is talk to somebody. Someone you trust, a friend or family member. Someone who you can turn to when you feel like you’re going to cut again. If you don’t know who to talk to, you can talk to me but please please stay strong. Things may be hard for you now, but things do get easier.